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Trailblazing Transformations 
Transformational Speaker & Recovery Coach 

Thank you for visiting my site! Let me tell you about myself...

I am a Transformational Speaker and Coach. I share my own experience and expertise to you, the audience. I have experience in a variety of different venues, from schools to large community audiences, and executive boardrooms. My purpose is to educate and motivate others toward reaching their personal & professional mission — self-improvement, business team objectives, or community initiatives/engagement.


I partner with individuals in reaching “healthy interdependence” for this generation and beyond. I do this by helping identify and create reasonable and achievable goals for individuals and communities, supporting the particular steps required to reach these goals, and providing the encouragement needed that can propel the individual beyond their initial objective, that results in surpassing the recognized goals, establishing their individual network of support for today and the future.


I inspire you to find guidance and purpose in life. My purpose is to inspire you to take action and to discover new perspectives. I weave my personal story of poverty to success: from addiction to sobriety; and my spiritual journey to becoming the woman of integrity I am today. Sharing my love of service and love of humanity. 


I am a Certified Family Development Specialist Instructor and Practitioner with over 20+ years of experience. My approach is a philosophy of holistic, strength-based programming that focuses on preventive services and facilitates long-term, positive change. Over the years, I have used these principles to empower individuals, families, and communities through hope, vision (your dreams), goals (action plan), your support system (whom to have and whom to let go), then your investment- continued to invest in self and how to be of service to others.


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Who I am

Dear Beautiful Soul


I really enjoy connecting, watching and assisting women on their journey of becoming.  I understand that you have some questions and concerns about your life. I'd like to begin by saying I wish I could take your pain away. I would love to make this world such an easier place to live.  However, the truth is your soul, your being has some challenges that it needs to face in order to become the person you were intended to be. My friend, the road is fraught with the challenges we all face. I have the expertise and the experience to assist you in your journey. I will draw on my education and experience as we move through your plan.  I have some questions for you: What is your vision, your dream? What is trying to emerge through you? How can I help you to be hopeful every day? Do you have goals written? Let’s create your life and goals, so even on the most difficult day, you spring out of bed while knowing the day is alive with YOU. Through life, we want to blame somebody else or say that I'm this way because of my parents or I'm this way because of my spouse/partner. I will assist you in taking your life back. I want to share with you the ability to see that there are hope and joy in life.  I'll partner through your wins, your trials, and tribulations this part of your journey. You will not be alone! This is your journey and I am a standing right next to you.

I will show you how to identify the people who live, who work, who play with you that will make up your support system, they will encourage you when times are tough, they're also going to hold you accountable, most important they're going to love you right where you're at.

This is the time to invest in yourself - taking in the guidance and the education that you need to become the person you know down deep you are meant to be. During this journey, I will also show you how you can continually invest back in your community and those you love and serve. Our journey of hope, vision, goals, support, and investment will be one of your best moments.


Love & Honor

Dawn Finn

Future Client Letter


Core Benefits of Coaching

Coaching can benefit almost anyone in almost any situation. The benefits that you achieve from your coaching experiences depend very much on what you choose to work on in coaching sessions. However, there are some core benefits that you can achieve no matter what. Regardless of the goals, coaching can help you to:

  • Assisting you to take ongoing actions on current, real-world goals and sharing feedback with you along the way.

  • Solve complex problems by helping you to continually reinterpret, or reframe problems and/or goals to take action.

  • Find more meaning by helping you to participate more wholeheartedly and realistically in the here-and-now, thereby helping you to live a more authentic life.


Services Offered

Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life and strive to reach their full potential.


Just You & Me

I define as personal and professional coaching as working in partnership between coach and client to provide structure, guidance, and support to:

  • Take a complete look at your current state, including  assumptions and perceptions about your work, yourself and others;

  • Set relevant and realistic goals for yourself, based on your own nature and needs;

  • Take relevant and realistic actions toward reaching goals; and

  • Learn by continuing to reflect on actions and sharing feedback along the way.

  • 12-month pricing options  



The most intense format - a unique cooperative learning journey, guided by a  defined goal. 

  • Take a complete look at your current state, including  assumptions and perceptions about your work, you will go deep into the why

  • Set relevant and realistic goals for yourself, based on your own nature and needs;

  • Take relevant and realistic actions toward reaching goals; and

  • Learn by continuing to reflect on actions and sharing feedback along the way

  • 1-month 


Group Coaching

Group coaching is a great way to facilitate progress around a common desire or development area. Group coaching is useful for people with similar challenges or goals and in many other situations. 

Among the many benefits of group coaching, thoughts clarification and peer learning are my favorites.

  • Accelerated group development

  • Peer learning – utilizing the collective wisdom of the group

  • Additional focus in the group or one’s self-focus

  • Less intense than individual coaching, where coachee would be on the spot during the full session

  • Allowing more time to reflect and integrate your insights

  • Wider, but less deep conversations than in individual coaching

  • Creating a new network will benefit the company in many ways

  • Effective training follow up and reminders – supporting application and the learning process

  • Encouraging and supportive of ongoing change

  • More economical than individual coaching

  • Private Group




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  • Redefine Your Meaning of Success

  • Turn Your Disadvantages into Advantages 

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